Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Where did January go?

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We're already two weeks into the month and I'm trudging around like a zombie.  2010 is throwing jab after jab into my gut - but I'm hanging tight!

I've made just under $400 so far this month which is disheartening since I'm under par for my goal so far, but I think I can still pull it off.

I do have a few special things I'd like to mention though:
  1. Guest Bloggers:  I'm still looking for people who want to share their success with everyone here.  Motivational Monday looks like it will be a monthly thing for the time being until more people perk up and show interest.  If you want to be a guest blogger and share some encouraging words about the success you've enjoyed - drop me a message!  (All guest blogs will include a link to your blog, website or profile page on one of the sites you write for.)
  2. Crafty Ladies:  If you have an Etsy shop or a website featuring things you've made, I'd love to chat!  I'm looking to start doing regular give aways here at Earning At Home and would love to give you some publicity in the process.  If you're interested, let me know!
  3. New Domain:  I should have my blog up on it's own domain in the near future.  I'm still a little nervous about buying a domain but I know that it's worth it.
If you want to be a guest blogger or want to donate to a giveaway for some free publicity message me here or leave a comment.
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Sharon said...

I'm going to email you.. :)

JPowell said...

Sounds great Sharon, here's a form if you want to use it and I'll be sure to respond asap!

JPowell said...

-Or if you have my email from prior posts feel free to use it haha

I'll be adding a contact link soon!

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